Let’s get this cooking.


DEADHUNGRY is the brainchild of London chef and food photographer Alex Paganelli. Alex really has a way with food, inventing elaborate dishes he cooks to perfection. He then styles and photographs them in deliciously glossy and often provocative ways.

The logo design became all about that sudden blast of electrical heat flaming up inside a professional kitchen. The gas hob ignition, the sizzling of a culinary torch, the setting alight of alcohol: all the while keeping stationery stylish and playfully cool. There truly is a wealth of possible visual directions a branding could take from here: from 1950s American diner retro to contemporary pixel icons, or with a hint of Japanese kawaii culture.

Check out Alex’ website and what cool stuff he does.

That gas hob ignition. The sizzle of a culinary torch. The electric spark.


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