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image.affairs is a Berlin-based creative studio specialising in art direction and brand strategy that also designs websites and intuitive user experiences.

Branding and presentation will become ever more important.

The studio devises strategies and visual identities for companies and individuals.
In-depth knowledge of opinion leaders, global fashion trends, current politics and media culture helps clients achieve distinction through intelligent brand stewardship, design thinking and emotional aesthetics.

Design Strategy


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UX | UI Design

Agile Methods

Creative Direction

Graphic Design

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Understanding elusive Millenials means learning their language.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I’m Marcus Kleinfeld, a designer with a professional background in the visual arts. I work with private businesses, startups and lifestyle brands on their products, concepts and identities. Brands are just as interesting and engaging as people once you work out how to get them to speak authentically.

Beside my design practice, I also research and practice agile methods. Through an emphasis on interpersonal relations, trust and responsibility, agile practice drives cultural change today. I’m grateful to do my part to further and promote a better way of working with and relating to one another. Feel free to get in touch, and let’s have coffee together.

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