Singing Bowls? Let me rephrase that…

            Project Being asked to brand a difficult business that the general public associates with dubious stereotypes can be a big challenge. In this rebranding pitch, a client’s esoteric Tibetan singing bowl practice was recontextualised beyond esoteric clichés with a focus on wellness and cultural traditions.

     The mood proposal resolved to portray Tibetan singing bowls as traditional cultural tools and their apparently healing sounds in a way that would bypass associations with new-age quackery.It was important to find a way of addressing the client’s affluent and educated urban client base without turning them off with cheesy imagery, colour or typography. Alongside tasteful image editorial, its results present an appropriate and elegantly creative application of (German) copywriting, hitting a restrainedly philosophical as much as a calm and dignified note.
The final design suggestion.
An alternative version.

From Tibet to Europe, united in good vibrations.


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