Aesthetic solutions.
Digital, Web & Print.

image.affairs is a Berlin-based creative desk.
We deliver brand strategy and creative direction.
We also develop beautiful WordPress webdesigns.


The studio devises strategies and visual identities for companies and individuals, digital or web-based and as printed matter.

In-depth knowledge of opinion leaders, global trends and current politics helps clients achieve distinction through brand stewardship, design thinking and emotional aesthetics.

We can support you with and advise you on:

Design Strategy

User Experience

Web Development

WordPress + SEO

Video Editing

Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Corporate Identity

Packaging Design

Print Production

Know your arena and the other players.
Keep up to date with future developments.


The way businesses advertise has changed dramatically within the space of just a few years. Companies now project ideological messages like political parties once used to. They also know customers’ tastes as soon as they visit their sites.

Knowing cultural agendas and fashion trends as well as key public players – popular movements, opinion makers, media outlets and party politics – has become vital for cultivating authentic and relevant brand images. Just make sure your strategist understands the context of your brand within current developments.

People are all different nowadays. Perhaps you want to talk to all of them. Perhaps you are selective. No matter what: Know yourself.


Just as important as understanding people, is understanding identity. Clearly defining what your product represents practically and emotionally achieves more than defining your target audience: it creates presence. Your identity and brand building process must be explorative and empathic to be authentic. 

Ultimately, your business or product needs to be memorable to forge true connections. Those lasting memories are made up of touch points: user-friendly websites, quality paper, cool animations, solid logos, haptic packaging – and a strong brand message.

Make your identity speak for itself, trust in your own brand mission – and people will follow you (on Instagram).

The medium is the message.
Stay agile during self-development.

Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.

– David Ogilvy




Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I’m Marcus Kleinfeld, a native Berliner with a professional background in the visual arts. Living and studying in London and abroad for over a decade has greatly influenced my design approach.

As a freelance creative director, I work with businesses, startups and private clients on anything from websites to image strategy. Get in touch – I can’t wait to hear about your project.

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