Frozen Drinks startup | Packaging

Packaging designs for SKADI, a young Berlin frozen drinks startup in production since 2017. Two related product lines were created: the main product made up of five classic cocktail flavours, and a non-alcoholic Frozen Smoothies spin-off.

Over the course of the design process, it became apparent that the client felt more comfortable sticking with their original logo over a number of suggested alternatives. Subsequent alterations made to it were subtle, with improved spacing and an added coloured shadow for depth, as well as a gentle smoothing of the spiky typeface’s letter edges. After suggesting several alternative packaging and logo ideas (a few examples of which have been added to the lower half of the gallery), the final designs going into production spelt the compromise reached with the actively involved client. These were deemed commercial and illustrative enough to appeal to a broad audience. A special edition ‘Moscow Mule’ cocktail made in collaboration with Pernod Ricard-owned micro distillery OUR/BERLIN was also produced.

Personally favourited by this design desk, an additional Frozen Smoothies line was devised with greater artistic freedom, to sit comfortably amongst their alcoholic siblings in keeping with the theme of dynamically swirling fruits. The designs are a nod to 21st-century emoji icon culture, with playful hints of Japanese cuteness that would please both adults and kids alike. The sub-brand smoothie logo was subtly altered to feel chubbier and friendlier, with a nicely rounded typeface spelling FROZEN SMOOTHIES in contrast to the stylishly handwritten FROZEN COCKTAILS sub-line. Finally, upon completion, the client requested to add a male and female name they had chosen on the back of the packaging.

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