All about Marcus of image.affairs: webdesign and art direction.

About image.affairs

Hi there, I’m Marcus of image.affairs and run this small multi-disciplinary design desk from Berlin’s hip Kreuzberg district. I’ve also been working as a visual artist since my London art college years. Many of us artists make for good designers, creatively as well as conceptually. We have spent years thinking about which kinds of images, shapes or concepts work and which ones don’t, and why they work or why they don’t.

Strong brands, identities and people have agency and are larger than the sum of their parts. Strong work will always cause reactions: great images and communication will call up people’s internal memory and sensory image banks but most importantly, their emotions. Strong work will make people feel things.

So let’s stop talking about communication and start communicating. Drop me a line or two via the contact form and check out my Services page to see what we could work on together. I’m always excited to meet new people for projects and collaborations.