Avoiding clichés | Branding strategy

Being asked to brand a difficult business that the general public associates with dubious stereotypes can be a big challenge. In this rebranding pitch, a client’s singing bowl sound therapy business was recontextualised beyond esoteric clichés.

‘Spiritual’ types of practices have long been a popular target of ridicule and disbelief. And while Western medicine might (justifiably) not ascribe much power to healing stones or angelic chakra massages, meditation and bodywork may still prove strong enough to kick-start a person’s health resources. This mood proposal worked to portray Tibetan singing bowls as traditional cultural tools and their apparently healing sounds in a way that would bypass notions of new age quackery. Another focus was on addressing the client’s affluent and educated urban client base without embarrassing them with cheesy imagery, colour or typography. The proposal also presents an appropriate and elegantly creative application of (German) copywriting, hitting a restrainedly philosophical as well as calm and dignified note.