During the lead-up to Christmas 2018, and whilst simultaneously working on a Magazine site for natural oil beauty brand SHAMANIC, the office produced a small number of promotional festive background banners for the same client. Whilst most of these designs were featured in their online shop and in newsletters, a framed poster redesign was used as a backdrop for a display presentation at artisanal Vienna and Berlin-based pharmacists Saint Charles Apotheke.

The two main themes the client specifically asked to be conveyed were Glow or Glamour and Gold, which the designs attempted to approach with just enough subtlety so as not to become kitsch. A chosen handwritten font for the claim (‘Get ready for the Christmas Glow’) was to tread similarly carefully, being both feminine as well as cool without appearing too whimsical or laboured and naff. Some screen sizes supported that effort with the addition of a minimal-styled callout button, featuring clean typography and friendly copywriting.